2.0 Telugu movie review : Scientific-Fiction gets Shankar’s Touch

2.0 Telugu movie review : Scientific-Fiction gets Shankar's Touch
2.0 rating and review
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RATING : 4/5

2.0 Telugu movie review

One of the most awaited movies “2.0” has finally hit the screens on Nov 29th.  2.0 is the most expensive Indian film. The film is made with whopping Rs.500 crore. Superstar Rajinikanth, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar playing the leads and Ace director Shankar handling the megaphone increased the expectations on the film. After too much delay, The film has hit the screens on 29th. Lets see how the film is….


In a Strange manner, All Mobile phones fly out from hands in a city.  Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is assigned to demystify the case. Vaseegaran gets to know a strong force (Fifth force/dark energy) is the reason for disappearance of mobile phones. He reassembles his powerful Robot ‘Chitti’ to fight with that force. What is the story behind this force?? Does Chitti succeed in his fight with that force? You should watch it on screen.


2.0 is a complete Visual extravaganza. It is a great treat to watch the film in 3D. Right from the title card to the end, There are many stunning visuals which will mesmerize audience. It also doesn’t fail to offer a good content and that too with a strong social message.

The Film speaks against the high radiation caused by mobile phone towers and its effect on birds. Director Shankar sticks to plot from the first scene to last without missing the track. There are no deviations to the plot in the film.

It is a well known fact that Shankar is a Master of Social message oriented films. But after Sivaji, He took a little break from making complete message oriented social movies, And started experimenting with other concepts. Though ‘Robo’ (2010) story has an internal message in it, We cannot say it as his trade mark message oriented film. Snehithudu is a remake. I is Romantic thriller. And Now, Shankar seems to be back to his mark. This Time he blend his trademark social drama with Sci-fic genre. And he succeeded in mixing.

2.0 is Sci-fic film with Shankar’s Social touch. While watching the film, we’ll find few resemblances to Aparichithudu, Bharatiyudu & Gentleman. And he also didn’t missed those sci-fic elements which Robot has.

Director Shankar’s brilliance can be seen in each and every scene of the film. He knows the pulse of the audience. He engages the audience with right amount of Action, Entertainment, Humor and Emotions.

First Half of the film is gripping with some thrilling scenes. Few minutes before the interval, Where Chitti makes his entry is the one of the major highlights of the film.

Second half starts with flashback episode and that is the emotional part of the film. After Flash Back episode, The Film has similar sequences to Robot (2010). This is another example of Shankar’s brilliance. Shankar’s doesn’t want audience to miss the feel of first part (Robot). So, He intentionally added the similar scenes which are entertaining. After 2.0’s entry, The film takes complete entertainment track.

Last 30 mins of the film is entertaining and there is also a surprise. The Film ends with a good and thought provoking  note.

On the flip side, Shankar should’ve brought 2.0 character early in the second half. That would’ve made the second half more entertaining and satisfying.

Artists Performance:

Rajinikanth is at his usual best. His screen presence and charisma is unbeatable. Akshay Kumar gave one of the best performance in his career. Amy Jackson as lady robot ‘Nila’ is cute. She has got a key role in the film. Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain and others are adequate in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Resul Pookutty’s Sound designing is flawless and top notch. A R Rahman’s Music is good. However, in some key scenes his back ground score failed to elevate some scenes.Especially few Pakshi Raja scenes in second half. This is one the few minus points in the film. Nirav Shah’s Cinematrography is brilliant, Visuals are really stunning. Production values are fantastic, we should appreciate Lyca productions for the risk taken.


Plus Points:

Stunning visuals

Unique Concept

Rajinikanth’s excellent performance

Akshay Kumar’s performance and terrific look

Minus Points:

AR Rahman’s background fails to elevate few scenes

Only few scenes for 2.0 role.


2.0 is a perfect Visual treat with right amount of Emotions and Entertainment. It is a mile stone in Indian film Industry. Its a must a watch in 3D, Don’t miss!!!



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