Best Telugu Movies 2018 List – Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018
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After considering overall critic views and reports, We prepared Best Telugu movies 2018 List.  So far, 2018 has fetched mixed to positive results for Telugu Film Industry. Some most awaited films reached expectations, while few turned out to be dud at box-office. Here is the list of Best Telugu movies 2018..


Best telugu movies 2018 - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Rangathalam tops the list of best Telugu movies 2018. This movie will be remembered forever as one of the classics. Every aspect of the film is good. Every character in the film made a mark and they engaged the audience throughout the film. Sukumar’s writing skills and technical brilliance was visible in many scenes.

It is also career’s best for Actor Ram Charan. Rangasthalam has showcased the real acting skills of Ram Charan. He has proven that there is a good performer in him. ‘Chitti Babu’ is not a typical Telugu film Protagonist. One must appreciate Ram Charan for accepting such unconventional role. There is so much life in the character.

At box-office, Rangasthalam has grossed around 200 crore. Which makes it one of the top grossing Telugu movies.


Best Telugu movies 2018 - Must watch movies of 2018

When Director Nag Ashwin announced that his second outing is a bio-pic film of Legendary actress Savithri, It created just an interest like any other movie. But no one thought the film will become one of the master pieces.

Mahanati is a perfect Tribute to the legendary actress Savithri. Top notch performances and strong narration made it a celluloid sensation. It also set a trend and laid an easy path to upcoming bio-pics.

Mahanati turned out to be sensational hit at box-office. It has grossed around 70 crore at box-office.


Best telugu movies 2018 - Must Watch Telugu movies 2018

Adivi Sesh’s  Goodachari has set a high standard for a Telugu Movie. It has proven that Tollywood has brilliant technicians who can produce a Hollywood level content. Goodachari is on par with many Hollywood spy-thrillers. Though the film is made with only 6 crore, The production values of the film are brilliant. Adivi Sesh has impressed with acting skills once again.

Undoubtedly, Goodachari is one the best Indian spy-thrillers. There are only few Indian spy-thrillers which can with stand with this film.

Goodachari was well received by audience also. It has grossed around 35 crore at the box-office.

4.Geeta Govindam

Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Geeta Govindam is probably the best romantic entertainer of 2018. It’s a package of refreshing comedy, romance, values and Good music.

Vijay Devarakonda played a role which is completely drastic to his previous outing Arjun reddy. In Geeta govindam, He has impressed with cool and soft guy role. Female lead Rashmika Mandanna got a role equivalent to Vijay Devarakonda’s role. And she impressed with performance.

Geeta Govindam turned to be a blockbuster at box-office. It has grossed around 100 crore. The film has also entered the list of top grossing Telugu films in overseas.

5.C/o Kancharapalem

C/o Kancharapalem Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Among small films, C/o Kancharapalem has won the hearts of movie lovers. Though the film is made with all new faces, it has created good buzz after the release. The film is set in village of Kancharapalem. It consists of four different love stories. Each love story deals with a social issue. Director Venkatesh Maha has delivered a top notch content. He has blend the drama with right amount of humor and emotions.

C/o Kancharapalem deserves many accolades. The film is made with only 70 lakhs. And it is recovered within the 1st weekend of the release.

Read more about C/o Kancharapalem here


Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Awe is one kind of film that is completely different from any other Telugu film. Its an experimental film. The script of the film is very difficult to execute. Because it has so many layers within it. But director Prashanth has succeeded in execution.

Awe is a thriller which engages the audience till the end of the film. Although the final twist of the film is very similar to a Hollywood film, One must appreciate the overall efforts that put to make it a successful one. Another interesting fact about Awe is, it is produced by Actor Nani. He also deserves the credits for the risk taken by him.

Awe joins the list of Best Telugu movies 2018 due to its amazing screenplay and well executed story. However, If you get to know the final twist of the movie before watching it, you may lose the thrill.

7. Bharath Ane Nenu

Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Bharath Ane Nenu was one of the most awaited films of 2018. It is the first political film for Mahesh Babu. It is the second collaboration of director Koratala Shiva and Mahesh babu. The film was released amid high expectations. And It has hit the right chords.

Bharath Ane Nenu has enough moments to make it a complete commercial political entertainer. Mahesh Babu performance, Koratala Siva Direction and dialogues are major highlights of the film.

Bharath Ane Nenu has collected gross of around 150 crore, making it as one of the top grossing Telugu films.

8.Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava

Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Aravinda Sametha has brought back the mass avatar of Jr.NTR, after a long time. Its a complete feast to Jr.NTR fans. The dialogues penned by Trivikram deserves applause.

The film has a routine faction story. However, Trivikram’s dialogues, Well handled emotional scenes and brilliantly shot action sequences made the difference.

The Film was well received by the critics and audience. However, in some areas it has hardly reached break-even line.


Best Telugu Movies 2018 List - Must watch Telugu films of 2018

2018 has been a good year for Varun Tej. In this year beginning, his film ‘Tholiprema’ has done good business at box-office. And his space thriller ‘Anthariksham 9000kmph’ is getting ready to hit the screens by the year end. Buyers are ready to pay high price for the film.

Tholiprema is a breezy romantic entertainer. Although the film’s story is wafer-thin, it has strong characterizations which connect well with audience. Varen Tej and Rashi Khanna performed naturally in their roles. In addition to refreshing scenes, Thaman’s music make us enjoy this cool love story.


Best Telugu Movies 2018 List – Must watch Telugu films of 2018

Bhaagamathie is a surprise horror package.  The film has many twists and turns which are unpredictable. In addition to strong story, Anushka’s brilliant performance mesmerizes the audience. Though the film has usual horror setting, It has many other elements which keeps the film engaging.

Bhaagamathie finds its spot in Best Telugu movies 2018 due to it’s thrilling moments, gripping screenplay and unpredictable story.


This is list of Best Telugu movies 2018. There are many more releases in November and December. We will update this list by this year end.


Note: Although we specified box-office collections of some films. It is not the base or subject of this list. We finalized this list by considering the quality of story, screenplay and other fundamentals of film.