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Google CEO lauds Modi’s demonetization move

Sundar pichai on currency ban

In an interview, Google CEO  Sundar Pichai has lauded the government decision of currency ban. He said “Its a bold and courageous move”.  He also said UPI (Unified payment interface) system will work better for economy.  Pichai has revealed Google has plans to work on UPI. He has talked about the payments and how Google […]

Will your device support Whatsapp in 2017?

Will your device support Whatsapp in 2017? Now-a-days whatsapp became our primary way of communication. Since 2009 it has been getting one or other update for it. Whatsapp was started by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in year 2009. When it was started, it only got some basic features like sending a text message and updating […]

Amazon Go next generation grocery store.

Imagine how easy our grocery shopping will be, if we walk into a store, Pick some items and just leave the store without standing in lines for checkout? Amazon started implementing the same idea and they called it as AMAZON GO. It enables shopping experience with no lines and no checkout. Amazon Go is a […]

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)


[nextpage title=”Next Page” ] What is Li-Fi ? Wi-Fi Vs Li – Fi: When consider to last decade, our earth and its way of work is changed significantly. Thanks to internet and technology!. Now-a-days, We can find Wifi everywhere. Wi-Fi changed the way we use internet at home and in office. FYI – Wi-Fi uses radio […]

MS Dhoni the untold story game is a must play for his fans

MS dhoni game - andiord game

Are you a die-hard of MS Dhoni and Are you a mobile gamer? here is an awesome entertainment for you, Just download MS Dhoni : the untold story game from Google play store. This Game will give you  loads of entertainment. The Game features a story mode, bike racer, wicket keeping and test match modes. […]

Best Tips to save mobile internet data

Tips to save mobile internet data

Do you think your mobile is consuming more internet data? Here are some best tips to save mobile internet data. Tips to save mobile internet data 1.Stop automatic downloads  If you are using social media apps whats app, hike etc..Stop automatic downloading of photos and videos. This is the major reason for fast completion of […]

Clever Kash : World’s first digital moneybank for kids

Clever kash - kids piggy bank

Meet the ‘Clever Kash’ the world’s first digital money bank for kids. Now kids can save money without coins and currency notes in this digital bank.  Oh wait.. how that is possible? . hmmm That’s how it works.  Digital screen on elephant faced money bank displays how much money is in the piggy bank. The […]

Whaff rewards app review with payment proof – 100% genuine

whaff rewards app review

Whaff rewards app review Whaff rewards app is the best way to earn money online. Are you tired of searching online money earning ways?. Unfortunately, Many of you might fall in trap of fake methods. Many online sites and mobile apps are not genuine. They just suck all your time and efforts. There are only […]

Pokemon GO beats Candy crush

pokemon go game screenshot.

Pokemon GO mobile game which is going viral, has beat Candy Crush. It became the most played mobile game in the US.  The Game  is impressing  everyone because of its innovative yet entertaining game-play.  The Game uses Geo-positioning , which is totally new in mobile games. This addictive game also became one of the most […] © 2016 Powered by Moment Linkz