What is DDoS Attack? (Distributed Denial of Service)


What is DDoS Attack?

DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service attack. When your browsing internet, some times you may face a problem that a site loads very slow when compared to other sites. Did you? “Its  either due to high traffic or The site may be under DDoS attack”.

To explain about DDoS, at first we have to understand DoS attack. Denial-of-service (DoS) attack is an attempt to make a web server or network resource unavailable to the users, such as to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend the services of a host connected to the Internet. In simple words to shutdown the server !

Now about DDoS. Distributed Denial of Service attack is DoS attack at a time from multiple systems. Such an attack is often the result of multiple compromised computers (for example a botnet) flooding the targeted system with a huge amount of traffic.

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Botnets are the systems that are hacked by the hackers and used for their purpose. The owner of the system will not know about the hack (usually). In order to turn a computer into a bot, hackers will install a malware on the computer through compromised websites, web servers, email attachments or through an organization network. For example: Hackers will upload specialized malware on a website. Common user without awareness opens that malware and these malware’s are coded (developed) in such a way that, User will not notice that the malware is installed in his/her computer. They may face some effects like System won’t work fast and some changes may occur in their computer. These malware’s will not identified by old antiviruses (Thats why you have to update antivirus). They sent data to hackers from victims computer. Hacker can control the victims computer once the malware is successfully installed..


This image will explain how hackers turns computers as bots.

DDoS attack

Hackers in most cases these bots in commercial purpose. Yes true! For example: I have a website A and my competitor is website B. I talk to a hacker who have thousands of bots (Its all works in underground markets). Hacker charges some money per hourly based (whatever). He simply attack my competitors website.. Bingo!!


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How hackers use Bots?

Once a computer turns into a Bot (after successful malware installation) it connects to the attackers (hackers) computer and control server. Then it begins to accepts order from the centralized machine (control server). The orders from command server include directions for launching attacks from the bots to a particular target using selected attack methods. In Simple terms, Hacker uses victims computer to attack on some others computer by giving some commands.


commands to bots


What is a BotNet?

A network of bots are known as BotNet. Usually a botnet consists of 100’s of bots. This botnet can be controlled by hackers by single command!!


how botnets are controlled

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But Why?

Motivation behind DDoS attacks are simply

  1. Business Competition.
  2. Hacktivism or
  3. Just for fun.. 🙁

motivation behind DDoS

Hackers also develop applications that can be readily used for DDOS attacks. Like Low Orbit Ion Cannon, CK Joker, Etc.  These applications mostly uses TCP/UDP flood or Ping methods, Where user must select the target and choose the number of packet per second and simply press on the start button.

There are so many losses by a successful DDoS attack on a website. Such as, Reputation damage, Financial Losses, Illegal repercussion and mainly Customer agitation..

impacts of DDoS attack


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