Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)

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What is Li-Fi ? Wi-Fi Vs Li – Fi:

When consider to last decade, our earth and its way of work is changed significantly. Thanks to internet and technology!. Now-a-days, We can find Wifi everywhere. Wi-Fi changed the way we use internet at home and in office. FYI – Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit the data. Wi-Fi setup consists of a router and other Wi-Fi enabled devices (which can receive data from router).

Scientists are looking forward to change the way we transmit the data. In this process a German physicist,
DR. Harald Haas, has come up with an idea, Which he calls “Data Through Illumination”. This idea was began when he saw the opportunity to transmit the data in other parts of Electromagnetic spectrum. Now we use radio waves to transmit the data (Wi-FI) as mentioned above. But, Radio waves are just one part of the spectrum that can carry our data. What if we could use other waves to surf the internet?? Yes, this was the first step in inventing Li-Fi.

Electromagnetic spectrum (EC) have different parts. They are, Radio waves, gamma-rays, visible light, and all the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are electromagnetic radiation.

Visible lights are available all around the world (as we know). So we can use it for data transmission. In simple terms, Li-Fi is a light-based Wi-Fi. That is, it uses visible light instead of radio waves to transmit data from point to point, Node to node. Instead of Wi-Fi Routers, Li-Fi would use transceiver-fitted LED’s. These LED’s can light a room as well as transmit the data and receive the data. Since we use simple light bulbs, technically there can be any number of access points. Bingo!

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Ok, Let me explain some more..

We all know, that the data is transmitted in the form of  1’s & 0’s (one’s and zero’s). So its is possible to encode data in the light by varying the rate at which the LEDs flicker on and off to give different strings of 1’s and 0’s. That is, Switching on a LED equals 1 and switching off equals 0. These LED’s intensity is modulated so rapidly that human eyes cannot notice, so the output appears constant.

Here’s the image that explains the Li-Fi. LED lamps are fitted with a transceiver which works as a access point. The internet cable is connect to LED lamp and the other devices which will receive the data (Laptops, PC’s, Mobile phones, etc.) are installed with transceivers.

Demonstration of Lifi


Li-Fi is already implemented in labs, institutes and some companies are also producing Li-Fi products. Researchers at the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany, have reached data rates of over 500 megabytes per second (500 MBPS) using a standard white-light LED. Li-Fi is capable of transmitting data at 100 MBPS. It is faster than most UK broadband connections. Yes It is!

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Here are the more images that explains how li-Fi works in real life.


LED’s and sensors on mobile devices works together!



This image explains how it works.



This is how we can use Li-Fi in homes and offices.

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Li- Fi can also installed in vehicles and they can work together with other sensors to transmit data and avoid accidents.

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Light is inherently safe and can be used in places where radio frequency communication is often deemed problematic, such as in aircraft cabins and hospitals. So visible light communication not only has the potential to solve the problem of lack of radio wave spectrum space, but can also enable novel applications. The visible light spectrum is unused, it’s not regulated, and can be used for communication at very high speeds.

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