Interesting real reincarnation cases – Kids who remembered their past life

Reincarnation is a word which scope is beyond the knowledge of science. When people hear the word “Reincarnation” the first thing that comes to the mind is that when people die they will reborn again, the same thing happened here these kids says they remember their past life.

Kids who remembered their past life – Reincarnation cases

*Six-year-old TaranjeetSingh living in Ludhiana village in India, since he was two he was claiming his real name was actually “SatnamSingh” and he was born in the different village in Jalandharroughly 60kms away. Taranjeet recalled that his father’s name is Jeet Singh andwhen he was 9th grade he was killed on September 10th1992 in a road accident he also said that the books he was carrying the day of his accident was actually soaked in his blood and he had 30 rupees in his pocket. Because Tarajeet insisted and his story was so detailed his father Ranjeet decided to investigate, a teacher in Jalandhar told Ranjeet that a boy named SatnamSingh had indeed died in an accident and his father name is Jeet Singh, Ranjeet  reached to Satnam’s family who indeed confirmed the details about blood-soaked books and 30Rs in his pocket . When Ranjeet’s family meet Satnam’s family face to face,Taranjeet was  correctly  able to identifySatnam in photos, not only that, but Vikram Raj Chauhan of forensicscientist was read about Tarajeet in the newspaper and took handwriting samples of Satnam’s from his oldnotebooks and compare them to  Taranjeet ‘s even though Taranjeet was young their handwriting was near match.

*Shanthi Devi was born in Delhi in the When she was four years old, she said that her mother and father are not her true parents. She asserted that her name was “Lugdi” and her true family was lived in another city. She asserted that she have died when giving birth to a child. Shanti devi gave very specific information about her husband and family. When her parents investigated a young woman named Ludgi Devi had indeed died in a childbirth at the time, and in the town, Shanti has specified, the husband and the family and relatives she had described has very much existed. When she eventually met Ludgi’s husband she recognized him and acted like a mother towards his children. It turned out that she was not only able to remember her past life but she could also remember the time “in between the lives” that is the afterlife. Hundreds of researcher and scientists put claims of reincarnation memories to test, but no one was ever able to prove it fake.

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*Luke roman who claims he was “Pam Robinson” an African-American woman from Chicagowho died in a fire accident in a hotel in 1993. Luke started explaining his past life to his mother Erica at the age of 2, when he started talking about a mysteries woman named Pam, when his mother asked about who Pam is he said it was me, he also said “well Iused to be when I died in a fire accident I went to heaven and then god pushed me back, then I was a baby and you named me Luke”.  Erica was baffled because her family didn’t know anyone named Pam and Luke was never beento Chicago, she investigated further and sure enough,she founded Pam Robinson who was one of 19 people died in 1993 Chicago fire.


*Sam Taylor a little boy referred to case studies that Sam convinced everybody that he is indeed the reincarnation of his own grandfather, Sam was 1.5 years old when his father was changing is diaper he told his father “when I was your age I used to change your diaper”. He started to talking more about he being his grandfather and told details of his grandfather’s life. When Sam was four years old his father brought an old photo album to home, when he saw an old photo of this grandfather standing beside a car he said “that’s my car” according to his parents sam never saw his grandfather’s photo. When Sam was questioned about his past life he said: “someone cold turned my sister into a fish” when asked by whom he said “bad men” it turned out that his grandfather’s sister had been murdered and her corpse was dumped into the San Fransico bay.

*Pramod Sharma was born in India in 1944 when he was 2 years old he told his mother that his wife in Moradabad cook for him so she did not have too. Moradabad was 145 km away from his place. Between the age of 3 and 4 Pramod described a business venture called Moham Brothers where he had worked with family members selling cookies and water, he also said to his parents not to eat curd and he will not touch it himself, he said that he had become very ill in his old life. Pramod hated being soaked in the bathtub and told his parents that he had died in a bathtub. When further investigated there is indeed a business called Moham Brothers in Moradabad, which ran by a man named Mara how had by gastrointestinal illness was died when trying a medicinal bath cure.

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