These are Most viral challenges of 2016

Every year internet filled with viral challenges, thanks to social media users. The famous challenge till now is “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”.

These are Most viral challenges of 2016

1.Mannequin Challenge
This year the most famous challenge which went viral. Where a group of people or one person will remain frozen as a mannequin doll while the video is recording. This viral challenge phenomenon was started by students from Florida. This challenge was performed by celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and everyone. India cricket team also joined in this bandwagon
2.The water bottle flip challenge
Its is an activity challenge by throwing a plastic water bottle in air which should land upright and bottom down.

3.Backpack challenge
In order to do the challenge a person should run between people who lineup in rows with heavy backpacks attacking without falling.

4.Cinnamon challenge

Eating Cinnamon poweder without drinking water within one minute
There are some other notable challenges Try not to cry challenge, Charlie Charlie challenge, Ghost pepper challenge. Whisper challenge.
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