5 reasons Why Akhil will be a future Top Star

Akhil is one of the emerging actors of the Tollywood. Though he has appeared in only one film as a main lead,  He made a good impact on the viewers. His debut was a disaster at box-office.  But he received many compliments for his performance in the film. After taking a short gap, he is going to unite with passionate director Vikram K Kumar.  This time he is making sure of the film hiting the right chords. Most probably his next film will bring him the required stardom. We can expect Akhil turning into a top star in the future. There are good reasons supporting this statements. Lets know what are they…

5 reasons Why Akhil will be a future Top Star

1.He is a talented actor:


2. He looks Handsome

Akhil at gym pic

3. He is a good dancer

akhil dance

4. He is working with good directors

Akhil vikram kumar

5.He has cool and charming attitude

Akhil with Sai Dharam Tej

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