Bhethaludu review and rating – Saithan review- An Intriguing Thriller

Bhethaludu review and rating

CAST : Vijay Antony, Arundathi nair, Charuhasan, Meera Krishnan etc..

Music : Vijay Antony

Producer : Fathima Antony (Vijay Antony Film Corporation)

Director : Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Vijay Antony is one of the film artists who makes films out of passion. All of his films are honest attempts and they are full of content. Film industry is blessed to have a passionate film artist like him.  Nowadays even a super-hit film is struggling to have a long run at box-office. But his Bicchagaadu film ran for 100 days successfully. After Bicchagaadu, Vijay antony came up with another honest film “Bhethaludu” (Saithan) . He implemented a new film marketing tactic by officially releasing first 10 mins of the film. This proves his confidence on film. The first few mins of the film aroused massive interest among the audience.

In Audio launch event, Vijay Antony promised all his films will have good content and Bhethaludu will surely impress audience. The Film has hit the screens today.  Released in 1350 screens worldwide which is biggest release for  Vijay.

Arundathi Nair played the main female lead in the film. Vetaran Actor Chaaru haassan played another crucial role in the film. Pradeep Kalipuriyath handled photography for the film. As per the speculations, the film is based on Sujatha’s novel ‘aaah’. The story of the film is totally fictional.  Lets see how the film is….

Story :

Dinesh (Vijay Antony) is an experienced software engineer. He marries Aishwarya (Arundhati Nair), who is an orphan.When everything is going good, Dinesh goes through some weird mental disturbances, He constantly hears someone talking to him from his mind. The one who is talking  from his mind pressurizes Dinesh to kill  a person name Jayalaxmi.  What is the reason behind the psychological disturbance? Who is Jayalaxmi? forms the rest of the story…


As promised, Vijay Antony succeeds in repeating his magic again. The Screenplay of the film is totally different .  Story of the film is blend with intriguing fantasy and psychological elements. The way the story of the the film dealt by the director Pradeep Krishna Moorthy is exceptional. He balances scientific and religious fantasy elements throughout the film. Credits also goes to Late Sujatha- the writer of the Novel. He was the man behind many successful stories  like Bharatiyudu, Oke-okkadu. Aparichithudu etc… You will find many similarities between Aparichithudu and Bhethaludu.

First half of the film is very tight and gripping. Interval bang is very good, and you can’t wait for the second half to start. Second half starts slowly , but the story unfolds quickly after 10 mins of the second half. Flash back of the film is quite emotional. And when the flashback completes, rest of the part becomes predictable. But the director manages to engage the viewers. Director went for a realistic approach in pre-climax. Those realistic elements may not go well with Telugu Audience. Moreover, There are some disturbing scenes in the pre-climax, this will spoil the mood of audience. When it comes to characterisation, The Drug dealer goon characters shown in the film are not well eteched. More-over, You may feel those characters annoying in some scenes. The Climax of the film will give us goosebumps Where hero goes through character transmission. Pradeep Krishna Moorthy deserves applause for it.

When it comes to technical excellence,  Back ground score and re-recording are also brilliant. They  are like backbone for the film. Infact, it is the BGM which will engage audience in some scenes. Cinematography is excellent. And Production values of the film are top-notch.

Artists performance

Vijay antony  once again proves himself as a good actor. He has shown good variations throughout the film. Arundati nair is adequate in her role. Rest of the roles are limited to only few mins.


Intriguing Story




poorly etched villain characters

some realistic and disturbing scenes (which will not go well with Telugu audience)


If we ignore few loopholes, Bhethaludu is an Intriguing thriller, It is a must watch for a section of people who like unconventional films. But those who like only regular masala films might feel it as an average film.

RATING :  3.25/5



watch first 10 mins of the film, If you haven’t watched yet.

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