Facts about Rana Daggubati

Facts about Rana Daggubati

First of all Happy birthday to our Bhallaladeva…

1. Rana Daggubati worked with Mahesh Babu

Yes, Rana worked with super star Mahesh Babu in the film Sainikudu. Manaki on screen kanipiyakapoina, Sainikudu team lo Rana kuda oka member ea.. He worked as Visual Effects producer (Co-coordinator)  for Sainikudu and he won state Nandi Award for Best Special Effects in 2006 for the same film. He once owned a VFX company called SPIRIT MEDIA

2. He eats 6-8 meals per day

As per his trainer Kunal, Rana Rojuki 6-8 times thintaranta based on his role in film…  6-8 time thinte manalanti vallaki fat thappa emi raadu.. but thine food lo calories count cheskoni thinali… manam daily thinedi 2000 calories ina kuda danni split chesi 2 hours gap tho thinte mana body easy ga observe cheskuntundi….Rana thine food lo ekuva shatham high protein diet follow aitharu ….


3.  His favorite book is The God father

The God Father novel is his all time favorite. EE book rana ki valla teacher icharanta school lo.. appati nundi Rana loves reading books ani cheparu..

4. He weighed 120 Kgs and his waist size was 41 before debuting as an actor

Okappudu Rana actor avakamundu, He was unfit for acting. But he started training /workout and started acting when he was fit.. Rana exercise start chesi 8 years ithundi anta.. from 8 years ekkadiki vellina kuda minimum 5 days a week workout chestharu Rana…. Rana workout cheyatam start chesinaka 2 years tharvatha fitness levels increase iyaka Leader movie lo actor laga debut icharu..

5. Rana is good at making omlets

Okappudu Rana thana meals thane cook cheskune vadu anta.. Rana Chese omlets adiripothai anta..He is good at cooking.. Cheyatame kaadu Rana is a foodie too ..

6. Very emotional and soft hearted person

Rana chala emotional and soft hearted person anta.. Edina movie lo emotional scene vasthe edchesevadu anta..

chudataniki Hulk laga una hulk mathram kadu…

7. Some more miscellaneous facts

Rana’s favorite food is hyderabadi.. He likes Black and white colors.. He used to play boxing in his childhood..


Ivi andi koni facts about Rana…


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