Gautamiputra Satakarni review – A must watch attempt





Gautamiputra Satakarni review

Balakrishna’s  100th film Gautamiputra Satakarni released today. The film is one of the most talked about  in recent times for many reasons. One of them is the combination. Director Krish is known for making unconventional films with full of content. How it will be, if he unites with mass hero like Balakrishna? This is the major reason for the interest. Lets see how the film is…..


The plot is based on the life of brave king Sathakarni of Satavahana dynasty . The film showcases Sathakarni’s  great aim to unify the nation  and how he fought to achieve it. In the process of unifying the nation, what troubles he faced?, how he surpasses all the odds? .


One must bow to Director Krish for making a great attempt like Gautamiputra Satakarni. We should accept the fact that no other director can make such a film within just 8 months duration. The Art-work and production values are on par with Hollywood standards. Coming to story and screenplay, Director Krish focused mainly on heroics of king Gautamiputra Satakarni rather than going into detailed history. So audience will find no story  in the film. The film just goes on showcasing the war fights and heroics of Satakarni in them. Here screenplay flow gets ups and downs. But the powerful  dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra and Krish taking will mesmerize us and forget about screenplay flaws. Sai Madhav Burra has done splendid job with his pen. Its the dialogues which will make audience engaged and get goosebumps.Especially a dialogue where Satakarni explains the lion and ant story is excellent. All the great dialogues in the film have patriotic touch to it.  For every 15 mins there is a scene where audience get goosebumps.

The Film starts with a war scene ,that war scene was shot in a terrific manner. Second war scene is on par with Hollywood. First half ends with a good interval bang. Second half starts slowly but picks up when Satakarni gets ready for war against Greek king Demetrius. The Climax of the film is breath taking. And ends with a good note.

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Artists performance:

Balayya has done a splendid job though his make-up looks weird at some scenes. The Way he delivers dialogues with power is too good and it is one of the main plus points of the film. Shriya Saran looks gorgeous and she has competed with Balayya in performance. Hemamalini’s performance is adequate. Tanikella Bharani appears in a small role but makes a good mark. Shivaraj Kumar role is very limited one. He appears only for a song.

Technical Excellence:

Production values by First frame Entertainments are fantastic. Art work look stunning, they make every frame look rich. Visual effects are not so good but with given limited budget we shouldn’t expect much. Back ground score is another plus point of the film. Cinematography is brilliant.

Plus Points:


War scenes

Director Krish Taking






Gautamiputra Satakarni is a must watch film for all patriots and history film lovers. leave all the flwas, Dialogues alone makes it a worth a watch. Don’t miss it.

RATING : 3.5/5







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