Review : ISM – Lacks the punch


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Ism Review – ‘Ism’ is a flawful attempt  

Cast : Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya. Jagapathi Babu, Posani krishna Murali etc..

Directed by : Puri Jagannadh

Producer by : Kalyan Ram

Music by : Anup Rubens

After giving a massive disaster with ‘Sher’, Kalyan Ram is back with ‘ISM’.  This time he united with  one of the top league directors Puri Jagannadh.  With strong determination and commitment he went for a complete change over. Six pack body – macho look made a good impression. The Film’s teaser  was released to enormous response. And that made the film freaks to wait eagerly for the film. The Film released today marking biggest ever release for Kalyan- Ram. lets see how the film is…

Plot : Satya (Kalyan – ram) is a fighter , who is living in Europe  . He falls in love with Alia Khan (Aditi Arya). But She rejects his love.  Later , Satya meets a Mafia don Javed Ibrahim (Jagapathi babu) and makes a friendship with him. Satya asks Javed Khan for help to win his love.  what is the true face of  Satya? who is Javed Khan?  What happens next? forms the rest of the story..

Analysis: The Story of the film is quite a routine one. Hero wooing  heroine for a hidden agenda is an age old-concept. We have seen many message oriented films based on corruption like Bharatiyudu, Sivaji, Aparithudu , Tagore and many more…ISM  is highly inspired from those films. To look like a new one, Puri Jagannadh links the plot with ‘wiki-leaks’ , But fails to score high on emotional impact which is needed for a message oriented film. Unnecessary scenes, especially romantic episodes puts the film off the track. So many scenes are illogical and makes no impact on viewers mind. Kalyan Ram’s look , couple of  scenes and dialogues are only saving grace of the film. First of the film is filled with tedious scenes. when the interval bang arrives – its already an expected one. Second half starts with a serious note, couple of scenes are impressive. The Pre-climax of the film, which involves a court scene is  the top scene of the scene. But still it is a routine one.  Aditi Arya impresses as Alia Khan. She is perfectly for the role. Jagapathi babu comes with a natural performance, but his characterization could’ve been better.  Posani and Gollapudi characters are etched well.  Action sequences are shot excellently. production values are superb. Anup rubens music is just OK. Cinematography is good.

Plus Points:

Kalyan Ram


Action scenes

Minus Points:

Routine plot

Lack of punch in the treatment

Bottom lines:  ISM is an another failed attempt by Puri Jagannadh. Routine plot and lame treatment makes it an average film. If you like to watch average action films or if you want to watch Kalyan Ram’s new look. watch it .Otherwise SKIP..!!

Rating:   2.5/5



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