Five less known facts about Super Human Being superstar Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth is the undisputed Superstar of India. He is not just a reel star… he is a hero in real life too. He is a super human being, epitome of simplicity and modesty, a Spiritual seeker, A Social worker and  A Philanthropist . When it comes to remuneration, It is well known fact, Rajini is the highest paid Indian actor and second highest in Asia. He is a demi-god to the crores. Rajini is the inspiration to many actors and  many actors try to imitate him. The Real superstar Rajinikanth turns a year older today. He completes 65 years ,entering 66th year. On the occasion of his birthday… brings you 5 less known facts of Super Human Being Rajinikanth.

  1.  Stage performer : Before entering film industry, He had acted in many stage dramas

  2. No to endorsing :  Rajinikanth never endorsed any brands . Many big business companies tried and still trying to sign him as their brand ambassador, but he says no to all of them. because  he don’t want people to buy a product just by seeing his name.

  3.   Worked as coolie and  carpenter :   For livelihood, He had worked as coolie and carpenter after completion of his schooling. After many struggles, he got bus conductor job.

  4.   One of the most influential persons of 2010 and Entertainer of the decade:  He was listed by Popular magazine ‘Forbes’ as one of the most influential persons of 2010.  Superstar Rajinikanth got NDTV entertainer of the decade award.

  5.   He never publicizes his Charity works  : Rajinikanth donates half of his income to Charities. But he never publicizes them. Most of his charity works goes unknown to the public. Some of them comes to limelight through the eye witnesses.

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    Happy Birthday Superstar Rajinikanth
    alltollywood team wishes Superstar Rajinikanth a very happy birthday





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