NOTA review & rating : Routine & unimpressive political drama

CAST: Vijay devarakonda, Mehreen Pirzada, Nassar

Directed by: Anand Shankar

Produced by: K. E. Gnanavel Raja

Music by : Sam C.S.


Vijay Devarakonda, who is riding with mega blockbuster “Geetha Govindam”, is now back with a complete contrast film ‘NOTA’, A political thriller. Tamil director Anand Shankar has directed this film. Lets see how the film is…



Story:  Varun ( Vijay Devakonda) is a careless guy, who has no knowledge about the politics or contemporary issues. His Father Vasudev (Nassar) is the chief minister of the state. Due to corruption charges on him, He steps down from the post and assigns his role to Varun. How Varun handles the post forms the rest of the story.

Analysis:  The Film’s core plot is a routine one, It offers nothing new. Except couple of scenes and Vijay Devarakonda’s performance,There are no appreciable aspects in the film. Jerky screenplay and bad narration tests the viewer’s patience. Some characters in the film are useless, one among them is heroine. In addition to these faults, There is a lot of Tamil flavor in the film, which will not go well with Telugu audience.

First half of the film is flat and dull. There is nothing impressive till the interval. Second half is better than First half because of couple of good scenes.

Director Vijay Shankar failed completely to engage the audience. He should’ve spent more time on script. ‘NOTA’ is a catchy and powerful title, it goes into the vain due to the bad content.

When it comes to technical aspects, Back ground score is good . Cinematography is praiseworthy.



Vijay devarakonda


Routine story

worst screenplay


Bottom Lines: Nota is a speed breaker to Vijay devakonda’s success. The film fails completely to impress the audience. Routine story and a very bad screenplay makes the film a forgettable one.

Rating : 2.25/5



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