Om Namo Venkatesaya Review : An Emotional Saga of a Great Devotee






The combination which has delivered beautiful devotional films is back with another one “Om Namo Venkatesaya”. The film is based on life history of  Hathiram Babaji.  Lets see how the film is….

Story :

Rama is in search of God. He meets  a Guru Padmananda swamy (Sai Kumar) at an ashram where he expresses his desire to pursue education which makes him to see God.  Padmananda  Swamy  teaches all divine lessons to Rama and suggests him to do meditation. While Rama is meditating, Lord Venkateshwara who is in form of a kid, disturbs  Rama. Having no knowledge about who the kid is…. Rama shouts Kid to go away.  After that, Rama gets to know the Kid is Lord Venkateshwara  through his Guru. Rama decides to visit Tirumala. What happens when he is in  Tirumala? forms the rest of the story….


Nagarjuna – Raghavendra Rao, The duo has delivered what people have expected. Om Namo Venkatesaya is a complete devotional treat. Though the film lacks the magic which is in Annamaya and Sri Ramadasu, The film manages to satisfy the audience with good narration and visuals. The film has shown many historical things including the Sthala-purana of Tirumala and various poojas which were introduced by Hathiram Babaji. One must bow to Raghavendra rao for his wonderful thought.

The film starts with an interesting note but the proceedings becomes slow in the first half. The interval bang is interesting. Second half starts with an unnecessary romantic song between Jagapathi babu and Anushka. This is second romantic song, while the first is between Nagarjuna and Anushka in the first half. Both of the romantic songs turned out to be speed breakers for the devotional feel. Except these romantic songs, all other songs are beautiful and added to the mood of the film. Especially Akhilanda Koti  and Kaliyuga Vaikunta Puri songs are well shot.

The Pre-climax and climax of the film are major Strengths of the film. The scene where Lord Venkateshwara shows his Nijaroopam is wonderful.

Artists performance: 

Devotional roles are like cake walk to Nagarjuna , He gave his best as usual. Sourabh Jain is perfect in Lord Venkateshwara role. Anushka has done good job in Krishnamma role. Rao Ramesh has done adequate performance as a bad incharge. Pragya Jaiswal got a small role but she makes good impact. Sampath has done King role in the film. He is just ok in his role. Jagapathi Babu role is not necessary in the film.

Technical aspects:

The film has great visuals, production values of the film are excellent. One must appreciate Producer Mahesh Reddy for his uncompromising efforts.  Unlike Ramadasu and Annamayya, The visual effects standards are great.  Visuals are one of the plus points of the film.

Though there are few directorial flaws, We should bow down to Director Raghavendra rao for his efforts. All the songs are good to hear. But couple of songs are not necessary.

Plus points:

Scenes between Hathiram (Nagarjuna) and  Lord Venkateshwara (Sourabh Jain)

Pre-climax and Climax

Great Visuals

Nice devotional music

Minus points:

Slow First half

Unnecessary romantic songs and comedy

Verdict :

Leaving flaws, Every film lover should appreciate and encourage this type of films. This type of films are need of the hour. Om Namo Venkatesaya will inject the divinity into the hearts of every viewer, Watch it.

Rating : Ilanti Goppa Chithralaki rating ivvadaniki manam anarhulam





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