Dhruva review and rating – An intelligent cop thriller

CAST : Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh, Arvind Swamy, Navadeep

Directed by : Surrender reddy

Music by : Hip Hop Tamizha

Produced by : Allu Aravind (GEETHA ARTS)



Dhruva is the last big Telugu film hitting the screens in this year. After many postpones, The Film has hit the screens today. Mega fans are excited to watch the film and the film team is also confident about the the success .Dhruva is the official remake of the Tamil Super-hit film ‘Thani oruvan’ (2015). lets see how the remake is…

Story :
Dhruva (Ram Charan) is an IPS trainee, he is intelligent and sincere. Even before his official appointment as IPS officer, He catches many criminals with his intelligence and help of his batch mates. When he catches a chain snatching group, he decodes a criminal network which is behind the chain snatching gang. That criminal network is run by a famous scientist  Siddarth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy). He comes to know Siddarth Abhimanyu is involved in many crimes including illegal drug mafia. How Dhruva catches Siddarth Abhimanyu? what problems he faces? forms the rest of the story…
The Story of the film is very thin…. but the characterizations and screenplay are the standouts. Writer has done a fabulous job. The way Arvind swamy character was etched is so good. His role is the major strength of the film. First half of the film deals with establishing characters, it is neither engaging nor boring, but it looks dull. The main story of the film  which is the mind game between Dhruva and Siddarth Abhimanyu starts just before the interval. Second Half starts with a song and story picks up after the song. The Pre-climax and climax of the film are major strengths of the film.
Artists performance :
Ram Charan looks awesome with six-pack body. He has done a good job as an intelligent police officer. Arvind swamy is fantastic in his role. His body language and attitude was presented in terrific manner. He is the major plus point of the film. Rakul Preet Singh has done a glamorous role. She has done a lot of skin show. Posani krishna Murali is at his usual best.
Technical aspects
Hip-hop Tamizha has done an excellent job when it comes to background score. BGM has lifted the story at many parts. Cinematography is very good, visuals are rich.  Production values by Geeta arts are top notch.
Plus Points :
Arvind swamy
Pre-climax and climax
Minus points:
Dull first half
Overall, Dhruva is an intelligent cop thriller. Those who like cop thrillers will like the film.

Rating : 3.25/5




Dhruva Pareshanura Song promo

Rakul Preet Singh Hot stills from Pareshanura song – Dhruva


Ram Charan images from Dhruva Film

Dhruva preview

Ram Charan is sporting a complete new look and that will be one of the major highlights of the film. For the first time, He will be seen in a six pack look.  His look has became the talk of the town after the release of film trailers. Rakul Preet Singh played the main female lead in the film. her glamour will be another plus point to the film. Moreover,  She looked hottest in the Pareshanura song.  That song will be an eye feast for her fans .

That film is a commercial as well as critical success. In an Interview, Dhruva director Surrender reddy said he avoided making changes to the main content of the original film. He added, “making changes may spoil the film”.

Ram Charan is looking for a bounce back. His previous film Bruce-lee failed to make any mark at the box-office. Ram Charan liked  “Thani oruvan”, he thought it would be a right choice if he remakes it. He brought the remake rights of the film, with the support of his uncle Allu Arvind. Ram Charan has put all his efforts for a change-over. He has spent many hours on work-outs. Ram-Charan transformed under the super-vision of an expert trainer.

Hip-Hop Tamizha has scored the music for the film. The music of the film is some-what unconventional, But they have turned out to be slow-poisons.




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