Review : Aatadukundaram ra – A Routine and outdated entertainer

Young Actor Sushanth, who is struggling to make a mark in the industry. is back with another film ‘Aatadukundam ra’.  The Film is Directed by  G.Nageshwar Reddy. The Director is known for Mass comedy entertainers. His previous film impressed sass Audience, So Sushanth has kept all his hopes on this film. Lets see how the film is..


Vijay Ram ( Murali Sharma) and Anand rao (Anand) are best friends, who are successful businessmen. A Small misunderstand between them breaks their friendship. Karthik ( Sushanth) is a NRI, he is Nephew of Vijay Ram. He comes to India and He falls in love with Shruthi (Sonam Bajwa), daughter of Vijay Ram. Karthik takes the job of uniting Vijay Ram and Anand rao families. What will he do to unite his families? forms rest of the story..

Artists Performance:

Sushanth performance is below par. He needs to improve a lot. His expressions are repetitive and most of them looks same. Sonam Bajwa played glamorous role. She tries to impress with Skin show and Her Glamour is the major plus point. Anand and Mural Sharma performances are adequate. 30 years industry Pruthvi comes up with another impressive performance.


The Story of the film is age-old one. There is nothing new to offer. Director tries to entertain the audience with routine comedy with lame spoofs. He succeeds partially, but most of the film is cliched and boring. The Family Drama fails to connect with audience. The Production values are good, Cinematography adds to it and makes the visuals rich. The First half and Second Half both have many unnecessary scenes, The editing work should’ve been better. The Time-Machine concept is used to make comedy in the film. It is a Separate track in the film, Which interrupts the story flow. Directors gave up the idea of using separate comedy tracks, Because it has became an age-old formula. But G Nageshwara Reddy has used this age-old formula to entertain the audience.

Plus Points :

Sonam Bajwa skin show

Some spoofs

Minus Points:

Age-old story

Pathetic screenplay

Final Words:

Telugu Film is in the Transformation stage, Directors are coming up with new ideas and fresh treatments. Pelli Choopulu is the best example. Many people are rejecting routine films. Its high time, Actors like Sushanth should try something fresh which will connect well with audience. He should follow other young actors like Vijay Devarakonda.

Aatakundam ra is another routine, which has nothing new to offer. Routine Story and poor screenplay makes this flick a below average fare.


Aatadukundam ra RATING : 2/5

Aatadukundam ra review and rating
Aatadukundam ra poster

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