REVIEW : Nayaki – Lame horror comedy

CAST :  Trisha, Sushma Raj, Ganesh Venkatraman, Satyam Rajesh, Jayaprakash, Manobala, Kovai sarala etc..
DIRECTED BY : Govi (Goverdhan Reddy)
PRODUCED BY:  Giridhar mamidipally and Padmaja Mamidipally
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Giridhar production company
MUSIC BY : Raghu kunche, Sai Karthik.

After creating interest with its posters and stills, Trisha starer Nayaki has finally hit the screens today. It is touted to be a horror comedy film. Lets see how the film is ..


Sanjay (Satyam Rajesh) and his girlfriend Sandhya (Sushma Raj) leave the city for a short trip to spend their weekend. But things go wrong and they are forced to take shelter in an old building. But that building is possessed by a spirit Gayatri (Trisha).

Spirit of Gayatri starts haunting the couple. Who is Gayatri? what is the story behind her Spirit? forms the rest of the story.


The Base story-line of the film is age-old one. There is nothing new to offer in the story.  Director of the film Goverdhan reddy of OK BANGARAM fame, has also failed to give a good treatment which a horror story needs. The screenplay of the film is also not gripping. First half of the film is just ok, second half becomes too laggy and predictable. There are many unnecessary scenes, editing work is not impressive.  The Cinematographer has done his job very well. The ambiance is creepy and lighting effects are good.

Coming to artists performance. Trisha has done her job very well. Her performance as ghost is impressive. And she is major plus point of the film. Satyam Rajesh performance is another plus plot, His performance is as usually good. Actress Sushma Raj is beautiful and her performance is adequate.



Decent first half


Routine story

Lame screenplay

Predictable ending

NAYAKI film rating:


Nayaki film review and rating
Trisha Nayaki film poster
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