Savyasachi movie review & rating: Falls short of expectations

CAST : Nag Chaitanya, R.Madhavan, Nidhi Agerwal, Bhumika Chawla, Vennela Kishore

Directed by : Chandoo Mondeti

Produced by : Mythri Movie Makers

Music by : M.M Keeravani

Savyasachi movie review

Savyasachi is an action thriller movie directed by Chandoo Mondeti.  This is the second collaboration of Nag chaitanya & Chandoo Mondeti.  The Film has created good buzz with the first look release. And the buzz became more intense when it was revealed that the film plot revolves around strange disorder. Savyasaachi has hit the theaters today. Lets see how the film is..


VikramAditya (Nag Chaitanya) is born with strange disorder ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ which is caused by Vanishing twin syndrome. His hand moves involuntarily. However, This disorder helps him to escape from a major accident.

He falls in love with Chithra (Nidhi Agerwal). When everything is going fine.. A bomb blast makes his life upside down. Who is behind this blast and what is his intention?


Director Chandu chose an interesting concept ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ to make the film. However, he failed to write an interesting story on the concept. Story of the film is very weak. It seems like director intended to provide only entertainment, leaving out the content. Direction also could’ve been better. Crucial emotional scenes doesn’t make any impact.

The Film starts with an interesting note. However, The graph of film falls when it enters the college backdrop. The film looks tedious till interval with no story literally. Main story of the film begins only before the interval.

Second half of the film has few good moments. One of the them is an action scene with title song in the background. This is one of the very few moments in the film where Alien Hand syndrome is showcased well.

The Director would have made wonders with Alien hand Syndrome as a core concept, If his objective was to provide good content. But in process of providing entertainment, the concept of the film is completely ruined.


Artists performance:

Nag Chaitanya performance is just ok.  He impressed with his dance moves for the first time. Nidhi Agerwal looks cute. Her performance is below par. Madhavan gave his best for the film. But his character was not established properly, It is a director’s fault. Bhumika Chawla is good as Nag chaitanya’s sister. Though her screen presence is very limited, her role is crucial in the film.  As usual Vennela Kishore is too good, his dialogues evokes good laughs.

Technical aspects:

Production values of the film are top notch. Editing of  the film could have been better. The film needs a good trimming. There are many unnecessary scenes which made the film tedious in the first and second half. Keeravani’s music is also not upto the mark. Except title song and the Okarante okaru songs, No song is worth remembering. Cinematography is good.

Plus Points:

Interesting concept

few good moments


Minus Points:

Weak story

Weak direction



Savyasaachi falls short of expectations. Weak Story and Weak direction made the film a pretty average one. If you like different concept films and have a good leisure time, Go to the film with very low expectations. Expect nothing from the story.

Rating: 2.75/5


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