Singam 3 Review : Suriya’s One man show

CAST : Suriya,  Anushka Shetty, Shruti Hassan,  Anoop Singh Thakur

MUSIC: Harris Jayraj

PRODUCER: K.E Gnanavel Raja,  Dhaval Jayantilal Gada


SINGAM 3 review

After delivering a super hit film ’24’ in 2016, Suriya is back in his mass avatar “Singam 3”.  This is the 3rd installment of the one of the most successful commercial film series Singam. Lets see how the film is….

Story :

Narasimha (Suriya) is a powerful cop who is assigned to investigate  a murder case. He comes to know that Vittal ( Anoop Singh) is behind murder. What consequences he faces while catching him? forms the story…


Singam 3 is a complete action packed film. It targets only mass audience and action film lovers like the previous parts. Director Hari blended right commercial elements to satisfy the mass audience. But the film drives totally on the Suriya’s  screen presence because the film lacks freshness in the scenes. Story of the film is an  age-old one.The film looks like One man show from starting to the end. Suriya dominates the show till the end.

First half of the film is just ok with only few entertaining scenes. Second half  engages audience with the action plot between Vittal and Narasimha. Songs in the film turned out to be speed-breakers to the pace of the film. They are one of the minus points of the film.

The film’s screenplay is racy like its previous parts. The proceedings are predictable yet fast. Climax of the film is routine and ends with uninteresting note.

Artists performance: 

The film has large cast, But Suriya is whole and soul of the film. Whether it is class or mass he always gives his best. Anoop Singh is Adequate in Baddie role. His Physique is his major strength. Shruthi Haassan is cute in Journalist role. Anushka Shetty is apt in married lady role.

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Technical aspects:

When it comes to technical aspects , Cinematagraphy of the film is quite brilliant. The film has some great visuals. Editing of the film is crisp. Production values by Studio Green is appreciable.  Music by Harris Jayraj is a let down. Though Back ground score of the film is ok, All the songs in the film are boring.

Plus points:


Some Action Scenes


Minus points:

Routine story

Lack of  freshness in the scenes



On whole, Singam 3 is a mass masala film which will entertain only certain sections of audience. Suriya fans , Mass audience and action film lovers can give it a shot. Others may find nothing interesting in the film.

Rating : 3/5




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