Remembering NTR on his death anniversary : breif history of NTR

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao , A well known name in Telugu film industry and in Telugu people hearts.He was film actor popularly known as NTR for telugu people and also people call him Anna Garu, means Brother in Telugu language. He was born on 28 May,1923 in Nimmakuru , a small village in Krishna district and born to farming couple Nandamuri lakshmaih and Venkata Ramamma, But given for  adoption to paternal uncle.

A Major step in NTR’s career is a walk-on role in a  Mana Desham  movie which released in 1949 directed by L.V Prasad .No one in the industry expected that this would be the change in Telugu film industry, after Mana desham he slowly started to act in many films as side character then a Main lead. Films like Thodu Dongalu, Raju Peda ,Tenali Ramakrishna,Panduranga Mahatyam like wise many films which made Telugu film industry shine like sun, There was One stage where TFI was like “Before NTR and After NTR” , In Film industry he earned many awards like Filmfare,National Film awards,Nandi awards.

NTR , a versatile actor in TFI, acted in more than 300 movies including Telugu,Hindi and Tamil languages.He made his impact in TFI and he is well known for his Historical , Mythological Characters played in Movies.Once upon a time his charisma and screen presence made everyone to believe that characters like Lord -Rama ,Lord Krishna played by him are actually look alike  NTR. His aura,acting fetch him a honorable award Padma shri in 1968 , by Govnt of India.He was declared as Number one hero in TFI for three decades i.e., 1950’s,60’s,70’s and ruled like a king.

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When he was in peaks of his  Career ,he founded a Political party named Telugu desham party (TDP) in the year 1982, he stated while inaugurating , this decision is to rid andhra pradesh from corrupt and inept ruling of Indian national congress, His step towards politics played a vital role and changed the history of Telugu people, Even the ruling party haven’t faced a strong opposition since its first election,then NTR is name actually it was not a name, it made a impact on society and reform ideas in his manifesto was believed by every single person in Andhra pradesh state fetch him a huge success in the year 1983 after the establishment of TDP . His vision and cinema glamour made him to manage politics and cinema simultaneously. He was the 10th Chief minister of Andhra pradesh state and for three terms he was the Chief minister .

NTR images, stills and photos

NTR reflected socialist and populist views in several of his policies and provided basic necessities such as home, clothes and food and subsidies on them for people below the poverty line. He was also an advocate of women’s rights and worked on a bill to amend inheritance law to provide equal rights for women to inherit ancestral property, enacted . He introduced many populist schemes like Midday Meal Scheme for poor children, rice at ₹ 2 per kg, subsidized electricity and prohibiting the sale of alcohol in the state among others. He started the EAMCET (Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test) which allowed students to join a professional college on merit. He passed legislations allowing private transport operators to compete with the government-owned APSRTC. He also pioneered the Telugu Ganga Project with support from the Govnt of Tamil Nadu, which provides water from the Krishna river for drinking and irrigation purposes to Rayalaseema and Chennai. He was a fierce advocate of Telugu pride and was instrumental in shifting the Telugu Film Industry from Madras to Hyderabad.He was the pride of Telugu people and a legendary actor for Film industry.

NTR images, stills and photos
NTR with Rajeev Gandhi

A strong blow to him came in the form of his wife death , his wife died of cancer in 1985,and this made him to step back and slowly his health ruined day by day, in the year 1993 he married Lakshmi Parvathi and he was elected as the Chief minister in 1994 elections held in Andhra pradesh. On 18th January 1996, he died due to Heart attack .

A Great and Inspiring life came to an end,His Demise made Every Telugu people go into sorrow and A great legendary actor went into Eternal rest, His vision,contributions are the wealth of telugu State and TFI , and his protest from TDP made him a True Leader , A world never seen.

In Every Telugu people heart , he remains forever has Anna Garu , a true legend . On his Remembrance day we salute to the work and contribution he have given to TFI and two Telugu states.

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                                                                 Viswa Vikhyatha Nata Sarvabhouma.

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