Top five best films of Maverick director Rajamouli : Check out

Rajamouli, He needs no introduction to Indians, After Bahubali release, he has became one of the top directors of India. He is the most successful director of India, at present. His hardwork and his passion are the major reasons for his success. He won many accolades for his works. Especially Bahubali won many awards and honors. He may take 2 or 3 years for completion of a film. But he makes sure his work doesn’t go in vain. His films work well at all centers. Now he is busy with Bahubali 2 aka Bahubali: The Conclusion. It will hit the screens in April 2017. Film freaks are eagerly waiting for it.

All Rajamouli films were critically and commercially acclaimed . But few films are real stand outs. Here is the list of them.

Top five best films of Rajamouli:


1.Bahubali The beginning :  Undoubtedly,  This is the best film of Rajamouli. Not because of the story, But the treatment given to it. Bahubali is not just a visual wonder. But more than that. It is the best example for how a simple story can do wonders if it has top notch direction. Bahubali ‘s story is not a new one. Infact, it is a very age old one. If the same story was directed by other director. The result would’ve been different.

2.Eega (Makkhi- Naan Ee) :  Eega is a treat for fantasy film lovers. Rajamouli made this unconventional story in convincing manner. His hard work was seen in every frame. Gripping screenplay, nail biting Climax and Keeravani music made this film a magnum opus.

3.Magadheera: Magadheera deserves a special mention When we speak about Rajamouli films. Because this film has proven What Jakkanna (nick name) can do if he gets great budget. This film brought him a great following from all groups.  Magadheera is novelistic as well as commercial entertainer. And It stands at third position among Rajamouli’s films

4.Chatrapathi:  Many of us don’t know this film’s story was inspired from Maratha King Chatrapathi Shivaji‘s story. Prabhas character in the film was etched   Protogonist fighting for welfare of suppressed people. and Mother sentiment were not new. But Rajamouli’s touch to it made it a great film. Especially ,interval block of the film brings goosebumps to the viewers. Keeravani’s  back ground score adds to the intense action scenes. Chatrapathi is also one of best Prabhas films. Prabhas’s performance is exceptional.

5.Sye:  Sye is one of the best Telugu sport films . Before Sye, No Indian film director has made a film on Rugby sport. Rajamouli has introduced this sport through this film to those who are unknown of the game. This film is also a good youthful-entertainer.


Note :After going through, Some may question me, why there is no Vikramarkudu, Maryada Ramanna and Yamadonga are not in the list. But i can justify this list and why others are not in this list.


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