10 Most underrated Telugu movies : How many have you seen?

Most underrated Telugu movies : There are Telugu some films which went unacknowledged but they are good films. Lets talk about such films now…

10 most underrated Telugu movies

1.Andari Bandhuvaya (2010):

Most Underrated Telugu movies

This is a very good film. But unfortunately the film was failed at box-office. The film has got a nice concept and story. Director Chandra Siddarth etched characters of the film very well. Especially Actor Naresh’s role  stole the hearts of the viewers. Sharwanand and Padma priya excelled in their roles

2.Karma (2010)

most underrated telugu movies

This is the debut movie of Actor Adivi Sesh. Karma is a complete thriller blend with Hindu spiritual elements. The film was on par with Hollywood Standards. Though the film lacks great production values unlike Hollywood films. Karma has enough thrilling moments and mind blowing story to engage audience. But the film went unhailed at theaters. Adivi Sesh himself written story of the film and directed it

3.Asura (2015):

Asura telugu movie poster

Nara Rohith starer  ‘Asura’ is one of the good Telugu crime thriller. Though second half of the film falls a bit, On whole we can easily accept its a remarkable film. But the film failed to perform at box-office. It is one of the most underrated Telugu movies.

4. Prasthanam (2010)


Prasthanam is one of the well-made political thrillers. The characters of the film are well etched and screenplay of the film is well written. Only minus point of the film is its comedy track. Prastanam is another under-rated Telugu film. The film failed box-office, But it was critically acclaimed.

5. Ladies and Gentlemen (2015)

Underrated telugu films

Ladies and Gentleman is the film which went unnoticed by so many. But the film deserves applause for many reasons, especially for its engaging screenplay.

6. Sahasam (2013)

underrated telugu movies

Sahasam is an action-adventure film which was inspired from Indiana Jones. The film is directed by Chandra Shekar Yeleti. Sahasam is a good adventure film which deserves more praises. The film has done an average business at box-office.

7. Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005)

most underrated movies

This is another most underrated film of Chandra Shekar Yeleti. Anukokunda Oka Roju has fresh plot and Extra-ordinary screenplay which deserves huge applause. Even Many Hollywood films taken this film as  inspiration . Though this film fared well at box-office, It deserves more accolades and recognition.

8.Baanam (2009)

Most underrated telugu movies

Baanam is the debut  film of  Nara-Rohit. Baanam has a good story and well-etched characters. But the film failed commercially.

9. AA Naluguru (2004)

Most underrated movies

AA naluguru is a heart-touching film. The film preaches lot of human values. But it has failed to get good recognition.

10. Jagadam (2007):

Most underrated telugu movies

Jagadam is one of the best films of Sukumar. But the film failed miserably at box-office.

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