Whaff rewards app review with payment proof – 100% genuine

Whaff rewards app review

Whaff rewards app is the best way to earn money online. Are you tired of searching online money earning ways?. Unfortunately, Many of you might fall in trap of fake methods. Many online sites and mobile apps are not genuine. They just suck all your time and efforts. There are only few legit ways to earn money online. And one of them is ‘Whaff rewards‘ . This is a mobile app where you can earn real money.  It is 100% legit and easy way to earn your pocket money. It is also completely free, No need to pay even a penny. I’m using this app. And i’ve redeemed money many times.

What is Whaff ?

Whaff is an Andriod app which gives you rewards for simple tasks. It requires only an Andriod smart phone and some free memory to start earning money from it. If you have Andriod phone and you want to earn real pocket money, then don’t waste time. Download Whaff rewards app and start making money online. Follow these simple steps

  1. Open Google play store from your andriod mobile phone
  2. Search for Whaff rewards app and install it.
  3. After installing the app, Sign up
  4. After Signing up, Enter this referral code  BU94837
  5. You will get $ .50 starting bonus if u enter this referral code. Otherwise you should start from ‘0’. So don’t forget.

How to earn money from Whaff rewards app?

There are several ways to earn money from this app. The major way is complete the given tasks i.e download the suggested apps by whaff rewards. There are two sections in it. Premium picks and Whaff picks. Premium picks are the ones which you should open apps daily to get rewarded. For Whaff picks , no need for daily opening, just install it and use the app for few minutes.

Open the Whaff rewards daily for daily attendance reward

Don’t forget to open whaff daily. You will miss daily attendance reward if u forget. Open Whaff reward and click on Attendance tab and click on check-in

whaff rewards app review
Don’t miss daily attendance reward


Refer others to earn fast:

Referring others is best way to earn fast from the app. Give your invite code to your friends and others. You will get $.30 for every referral.

Whaff rewards referral code.
Under Invite friends you will find your referral code

Redeeming rewards:

After reaching minimum of $10.5. You will be eligible to redeem rewards. You can redeem Google gift card, Amazon gift cards, and others. And if you want cash, Redeem Paypal money. You need to have verified Paypal account to get the amount.

Whaff reward payment proof

Whaff rewards payment proof


Bottom Lines:

Whaff rewards is 100% genuine app. You can trust it completely. Start using the app to earn money online. It is one of the best Andriod apps to earn money online. But remember don’t use fraud methods to trick whaff. They will ban you if you use any hacks and tricks. Follow the rules and you will get paid for sure. 

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